Meet Eleni, FÖN’s Newest Team Member!

Meet Eleni, FÖN’s Newest Team Member!

Say hello to Eleni, our brand new Senior Colour Guru…

What’s your hair philosophy?
Hair is another beautiful art form that expresses creativity and style. Most of the time something as simple as an awesome hairstyle that compliments our style can change a lot and it’s amazing that we have the opportunity to create and change the way people express themselves.

How did you get into hairdressing?
I started hairdressing through the guidance of a good friend/mentor who could see how much I enjoyed the industry. I was studying childcare at the time and she helped me make a career out of the passion I had for hair and beauty industry.

What’s the Eleni hairy speciality?
My hairy speciality is creating colours that compliment natural features and using free-hand painting techniques to make beautiful tones and texture.

To celebrate our newest member of the FÖN family,
all blow dries, styles and colour services
booked with Eleni will be 25% off.

This means…