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Alex Comp

Ladies + Mens cuts

(Was ist das?)

Deluxe hair wash, head massage and style for everyone. We encourage boys with long hair and girls with short hair. Whatever you choose, we can make it extra special.

(existing extensions or clip-ins add on $20)

Short clipper                                       |  $67

Artistic Director                                   |  $89

Haircut (all lengths)                          | $98

Artistic Director                                   |  $110

New look extra time=

Fön Restyle                                          |  $122                                
Artistic Director                                   |  $127

Children  (12 years and under)     |  $43 

Artistic Director                                   |  $55

Fringe                                                    |  $22

Artistic Director                                   |  $26

Head Shave                                         |  $30

Beard Grooming                                |  $30

final image Fon x Diana Melfi


(Häär Farbe)

Want hair that your sister and brother want to borrow for the weekend? let our experienced hair artists find the perfect colour for you.

Colour Match Tint                                           

|  $100


Colour Gloss Toner  (not for grey hair coverage or regrowth)                 

|  $54


Part line + Hair line Colour                                            

| $54



Part Line

|  $95

Half Head                     


Full Head                        



Bleach and Gloss Toner (on scalp)     

|  $170



 |  $195

Thinking of a colour change?

| Price at consultation



(Ich möchte)

Close your eyes and enjoy our recliner chairs and magical hands, your thirsty hair will do all the talking when you leave.

Davines                                                |  $45

Hydrate and gloss

PH Bonder Step One and Two     |  $45 

Promote hair bond integrity during
and after a chemical service                                                        



Let us complete your look. Your majestic manes will appreciate a style ready to be photographed.

(Existing extensions, clip-ins or Velcro Rollers add on $20)


Short                       |  $55

Med-long/thick    |  $71

Upstyle                   | $98- $132



(Das ist gut)

Busy but still want a majestic mane? In one hour we will have you sorted.

Part Hairline Tint         

+ Blowdry                       |  $94


Gloss Toner                  

+ Blowdry                       |  $94  


Upstyle                           | $98      

No hair wash

included (30 mins)                     


(Glattes haar, ja)

Thinking of going straight? We can help. If your hair is out of control and only looks smooth after a pro blowdry this is for you.

Chemical Straightening                         |  $125 – $358

Keratin Smoothing Treatment             |  $125 – $358

( Both services are unavailable online booking )