5 things you should never say to your hairdresser

5 things you should never say to your hairdresser

At Fon, we are always here with open ears and an open mind.

And having been in the industry for over a decade between us, we’ve seen and heard it all (pretty much)… but there are some things that leave us speechless.

So we got together and have come up with our…

Top 5 things you should never say to your hairdresser!


1. “My old hairdresser…”

We love sharing positive vibes and working on achieving beautiful hair. Every stylist has their strengths and weaknesses, so when you come to us we’d love to hear the good stuff or well… nothing at all! Chances are we know your old stylist (it’s a small industry) and we like to treat other creatives how we would like to be treated. Hair Bible Law #101. Amen!

2. ”I want a complete makeover but I need to be out in 2 hours.”

Uhh… not. Going. To. Happen! Let us be creative and manage our time to give you the results you expect. We’re more than willing to give you our best if you give us your time. We might create magic with your hair but we’re no magicians! Great hear takes time, so factor that into your schedule and block it out in your diary.

3. “Which product do you recommend? Oh yeah, I found that online…”

Please don’t try and find the product that your stylist just recommended on the internet in front of us (yes this has happened in our chairs!). Firstly, you won’t find it any cheaper (our products are exclusive and you won’t find the entire Davines range online). Secondly, your hairdresser will most likely be offended that you’re not supporting them and their business. Plus, if you buy from the salon you take the incredible products home straight away with a professional’s instructions (you won’t get that on the internet!) and zero worries about exchange rates and postage!

4. “My hair has never been coloured… but I’ve put henna/a ‘rinse’ on at home.”

This is an essential factor in getting the colour result that you want. If your stylist finds out a missing piece of information (like henna or a home rinse) halfway through your colour application, you may be disappointed with the results. We want to help and get you to that perfect shade, we really do. But if you keep adding extra colour for us to sniff out and then either have to lighten or change again, it only holds you back from your full glorious hair potential. Please just tell us and then let us do the hard work in working on getting you to that pretty tone.

If time is an issue, we have express services to help and if it’s a pennies issue, we have some little tricks up the sleeve to give you maximum maintenance to see you through.

5. “Hiiiiii! Oh, am I late?”

Running late to your appointment and walking in like nothing’s happened? Just don’t, please. Have the respect to call ahead and let us know you’re running late. We ALWAYS apologise when our team runs behind because we understand how valuable time is and we truly respect yours.

Bonus Tip: the break-up

Before you break up with us, always be upfront and honest about the reason why – whether it’s budget, appointment times or our services. If we don’t know there is a problem how can we fix it? We love ALL feedback because it helps us grow.

If you have some feedback for us please email – fon@fonsalon.com.au