Fringe shapes and styles

Fringe shapes and styles

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram and see someone with a fringe, and think to yourself i need one immediately! They’re edgy yet crisp and you wonder if you could pull off this stellar look. Though some people seem to effortlessly rock this hairstyle, others don’t get it quite right and that’s usually due to not doing enough research before opting into the cut. Many factors should be considered when you decide to get a fringe, including your hair texture, color and most important, face shape.

Our face shape fringe guide can help you choose a style.

Round shape – If you have a round face shape you could pick a nice soft side fringe or even a thick side swept fringe. If you are looking for something a bit more edgy – an asymmetrical look would also work. These styles will complement cheek bones.

Oval shape – A full fringe, blunt or textured depending on your preference. Pixie, micro fringes also look stylish too.

Heart shape – Avoid full fringes, Instead parting in the center with a layered cut will draw attention to eyes.

Square shape – Nothing too short as it will accentuate the jawline. Experimenting with a longer length will compliment this face structure more.

Diamond shape – Side swept and full fringes look stylish, You could also try a soft textured curtain bang.

Best time to get a fringe cut?

Whenever you feel the urge! Our stylists will recommend testing out a new look in Winter rather than Summer, because the hair on your forehead will not look ‘sweaty’ in the heat.

Everyone’s hair grows at different stages so maintenance between trims could be 3 – 4 weeks and another client 4-6 weeks or even longer.

How to style at home?

It doesn’t matter what style of fringe/bangs you decide, Our stylists will always offer you personalised styling advice. Cowlicks and different hair textures can alter your overall desired look. The team at Fon Salon always provide clients with a complimentary consultation before any service, so we can customise a hairstyle suitable for you. Book Here