Hair competition news

Hair competition news

^ Alex’s model 

Fon is very excited to congratulate their team member Nikita, the runner-up of the 2019 ‘Intercoiffure’ junior styling photographic competition. 


The ‘Intercoiffure’ Competition showcases the unique skill set of hairdresser’s personal style and identity through creative hairdressing.


Nikita and the team worked very hard out of hours to create their own individual looks. Nikita’s Model demonstrated a good understanding of current and future fashion trends inspired by the pages of high fashion shows and high fashion shoots. 


Nikita braided the sides of her models hair and weaved in some gold thread which complemented the striking outfit. The hairstyle and the rest of the elements in the photo express an overall tribal and vogue feel.


 Shout out to our resident photographer Kirsty Burns and Makeup by Megan Pilkington.    


This shoot was a credit to our team’s hard work, devotion and passion. We are very proud of the accomplishments and teamwork by everyone. The photos featured are Fon Salons photo entries for the shoot.

^Brady’s model