Welcome Danielle!

Welcome Danielle!

Fon Salon is growing and we only hand-pick the best of the bunch hairdressers that are committed and passionate about making YOU feel amazing.

And when you step into the salon, we want you to feel welcome and part of our tribe. We also want you to know exactly who’s standing behind the chair and looking after your hair.

So allow us to introduce you to Fon Facts – a fun little series we’ve created so you can get to know us better!



How did you begin your career in hair?

I started out with work experience when I was in High School and fell in love with Fon. So I started a School based apprenticeship and now a have completed year 12 and I’m at the salon full time now.

What’s your hair superpower?

I am known for my dreamy head massages. And i love styling soft curls!

Claim to fame/career highlight?

Landing a position at Fon Salon and starting my hair journey with an amazing group of stylists

How often do you wash your hair?

I aim to wash my hair twice a week

What product/tool can you not live without?

My GHD soft curler is my go-to in the morning, it’s quick and easy to use and helps me achieve the best waves that last all day!

Who is your style icon?