What is Balayage? And is it right for my hair?

What is Balayage? And is it right for my hair?

We have all heard the term ‘Balayage’ but what does this buzz word actually mean? Pronounced (bah-lee-arj) is a technique of highlighting and colouring hair. It has been around since the 80’s but has definitely made a come back in the last few years, and is now one of our most popular services at Fon Salon.

The direct french translation means “to sweep”; in essence it’s hand-painting colour onto the hair in a sweeping motion. Balayage creates an extremely natural, “sun-kissed” colour pattern in the hair. It’s a technique not a look so don’t be confused if your stylist incorporates foils with a balayage method. To achieve this look, the colour is swept up directly to the roots in a soft, diffused fashion. The placement of these highlights are determined by the way the hair naturally falls, the haircut, and how it will be styled. Hair density and length will also modify this look.


1. Is it right for me?

Balayage is perfect for clients who are looking for a low maintenance, lived in natural look. But can also be altered for clients who love a strong contrast look, Use inspiration pictures during your consultation to determine your style.

But most of all it is cost effective and you can often get more than 3 months between visits, but you will still need to continue toners and grey touch ups in between.
2. What products do we use?

Our colour specialists at Fön use the natural and cruelty free range ‘Davines’ We choose this colour because it’s suitable for clients with scalp sensitivities, pregnant women and we can intermix it with bonding treatments to protect the hair from future damage during a chemical service. Our take home hair care are also key to maintaining your colour and hydration in between appointments. The cleanse and care products are sulphate and paraben free, some of the range is also available to our recycling program (ask one of our stylists to explain the process to you)

3. Cost?

A balayage look will start at $259 and additional $$ for the Bonding treatment, styling or a haircut.

But once you have had your hair painted you can maintain it with toners every 1-6 months. This is a 15-30 minute service (without styling) and will only set you back $66-90 (depending on length/thickness and how many colour’s applied).
4. Who’s it not suitable for?

Balayage is not suitable for clients who would like a solid colour throughout the hair. It is a suitable service for clients that would like low maintenance dimensional hair. The initial lightening service will be an investment but maintenance services are cost effective.


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