Pregnancy hair tips

Pregnancy hair colour tips

Pregnancy hair tips

Before you post that cute baby bump pic on Insta, your hairdresser has most likely already picked up on your pregnancy.

{What can we say? It’s a gift!}

But seriously – how? If you say “no” to a glass of wine after work, we’re on to you. Also? Some of our ladies have low energy and we can pick up on that better than your partner!

There’s so much to think about during this time of your life, but one thing you don’t have to think about – that you can still have hot hair when you’re expecting a little cherub. And that’s where we come in.

We use and stock the amazing Davines range, which has created lovely products that not only focus on our planet’s sustainability but are also vegan friendly! These beauties allow us to keep the nasty chemicals off your scalp and keep the nicest tones in your hair.

And, here are some more of our recommendations for your hair during pregnancy:

  • Davines ammonia-free colour for our natural brunettes that want a little extra depth and shine.
  • Century of Light Liberty Powder that we can freehand balayage colour onto those ends to create a sun-kissed glow.
  • Using baby light foils to lighten all over without touching your roots.
  • Balayage techniques to get the most out of your colour for longer.

Bonus tip? We recommend not doing anything too drastic with your style, as hormones are at an all-time high!

Also, talk to your stylist about scalp condition and home hair care that will need to be retailored to suit your new life situation.

Low maintenance hair is key here, baby mamas – and we got you!

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