The new bangs

The new bangs


Cheaper than Botox…

Your winter makeover is here: say hello to 70s style bangs.

Bangs are the new balayage – everyone wants them.

A softer approach to the classic straight blunt fringe, 70s inspired bangs are a great winter fashion statement (way hotter than a beanie) and easier to try in the cooler months, because your forehead will love its new warm hairy friend.

The 70s inspired bangs are longer, usually cut just below the brows, and styled with a centre part or winged-out, Charlie’s Angels style.

The way this fringe stands out from other styles of fringes is that it’s more like a shorter layer of hair that can be worn many different ways, depending on how it’s styled.

Not quite side-swept and definitely not severe, these bangs look great with short, medium and long length hair alike.

Perfect for most face shapes, they can be varied in length around the cheekbones to decrease or enhance width across the face.

Keen? Ask us to demonstrate how to style this easy low maintenance fringe.

Go out with a BANG!

You need this hot vintage-meets-modern style in your life. And we can give it to you.