What is a zone tone?


At FÖN SALÖN Adelaide we pride ourselves on our ability to not only create beautiful hair for our awesome clients but also to innovate and stay ahead of the game.

Which is why we’re super excited to share with you a colour technique we’ve created and perfected… and one you’ll definitely want on your head the next time you visit us.

We call it: the zone tone.

Here’s everything you need to know about it…

What is a zone tone?

A zone tone is a technique we use where we lighten the hair and, after we rinse the colour, we mix three different coloured toners to create dimension and tone throughout the blonde so it doesn’t appear to be one solid colour. 

Who is it perfect for?

It’s a great choice for people who like low maintenance hair as it grows out with the foils – not as a block colour.

Who might not love it?

It’s not so great for people that don’t like seeing a ‘shadow’ in the root area.

Will it cost me more than a regular toner?

There’s no extra cost. It’s just a creative way of applying toner and giving your blonde that extra finish. (it will take an extra 5 mins to apply)

Want to look like the front cover of magazines where the models have creamy blonde pieces around their hair line and beautiful tones in the rest?

Book yourself in for a zone tone with Adelaide’s best colourists now!

(We can even snaparazzi you afterwards if you really want that extra supermodel feeling. Work it, baby!)